Tom’s Restaurant had an elaborate and exciting menu filled with a large variety of foods to choose from. It ranged from breakfast choices like eggs and pancakes (breakfast is served all day) to lunch and dinner entrees like burgers and pasta. More specifically, when eating at the restaurant, our group ordered wraps, sandwiches, caesar salads, chicken fingers and french fries. The salads were pretty large with big pieces of lettuce and heavy dressing and some crispy croutons at $10.25. Though overall the bowl was enjoyable with cold romaine lettuce and a satisfying crunch, the dressing could have been more evenly spread throughout the salad. Additionally, the chicken fingers were displayed in a row on a large plate with a stack of french fries on the side along with a cup of soup and some sauces for $9.25. They were a very classic choice with a crunchy batter and soft tasty meat. The table had devoured all of the delicious chicken fingers within the minute and could not bare to leave any of this delicious meal uneaten. We also ordered the chicken caesar wrap which was $9.50. The wrap was cold and crisp with fresh lettuce and tender chicken meat. Sandwiches were neatly stacked high with tasty meat and juicy, fresh tomatoes. A classic BLT was $5.00 and was delivered to the table in about 15 minutes.  This was around 1:00 PM, though, a busy time for the diner.  Tables were packed tightly and our group of seven waited about five to ten minutes to be seated.  

Coming in for an early, 7:30/8:00 breakfast presents a very different dining experience.  Food arrived more quickly and servers were more quiet and collected as they bounced around the few occupied tables.  For the first meal of the day, I recommend “The Lumberjack,” which comes loaded with eggs cooked any style, bacon, a sausage, pancakes, and toast: the quintessential breakfast combo.  Two over-easy eggs draped over fluffy buttermilk pancakes were the centerpiece of the meal, full of flavor and cooked to perfection.  To top it off, the dish arrived with a small cup full of complimentary orange juice.  Quick, delicious, and reliable, Tom’s Restaurant is a fantastic place to grab some food and coffee before heading off to work or class.  With its consistency and good food, we expect Tom’s will be around for another 70 years, at least.